Our Services


Orientation Tours

The tours are individually planned based on the employees and his family's requirements. We provide comprehensive information and pursue the objective that the employee has a realistic understanding of the local housing market, schools, living conditions and cost of living.

Your benefit:

An instrument to engage and inspire the candidate prior to his move.
Basic considerations and reservations are identified at an early stage so the total relocation costs can be assessed more precisely or even reduced.
Advice from experts and support helps the employees decision making process.

Accommodation Search

There is no place like home....

Your home and your surroundings are the most important part of staying in your new location.
It is down to us to get them right for you and your family.

Initially, we take time with you to determine your needs and requirements, advising you on the general housing situation and suggesting suitable locations to suit your business, personal and family needs.

Whether in the city or in the countryside, we then search for accommodation using all available sources, and our network of contacts, arranging viewing appointments and accompanying you to view them. Once you have chosen your future home we can:

• advise and assist with the negotiation of the rental contract explain the rental agreement,
• accompany you for hand-over of the house/apartment,
• organise water, gas and electricity,
• organise internet, telephone, fax and satellite services if required set up the TV license.

Your benefit:

Support from experts with deep knowledge of the local housing market.
Rental contract negociations are done with your employees best interest at heart.
Support from experts upon hand over of the rented or bought property.
Independent advice on the local housing market.

Red tape and authorities

We minimize the pain!

It is down to us to unwind the red-tape and help you through the jungle of settling into your new home.
Did you think about:

• Official registration of yourself and your family (and the dog, the cat, the parrot and the hamster!)?
• Importation issues for incoming belongings?
• Your residence permits?
• Your work permit (for non-EU citizens)?
• Your driver's licenses?
• Your tax papers?
• Your car registration, insurance, and tax?
• Your application for child benefits?
• Maybe you thought of some of these, but not all.

Your benefit:

Experienced experts take care of all visa and work permit applications.
There is no risk of additional costs due to missing application documents.
You profit from the experiences our experts have gathered over the many years working with the authorities.

Integration support

Finding your way around in daily German life....

• Setting up a new bank account in a foreign country and making sure you can pay your bills from it (and your employer can pay you!)
• Getting other insurances, legal, personal, accident, etc., so that if you do have a problem, the pressure is not too great
• Making sure you have the right health insurance, so you stay fit for your work and leisure
• Getting advice on language courses so you speak the right language when you are here
• Finding a kindergarten before the kids go to university
• Sorting out schools for the children where they can understand their teachers
• Finding English speaking doctors who understand your word for that little problem you've had for years
• Buying furniture (and waiting for it to arrive), or a car (and making sure you can drive it)
• Understanding local customs - Grüß Gott!
• You have lost your passport, where do you go?
• Your car just got towed away, who do you call?

Your benefit:

Flexible and tailored to the needs of the employee.
Reduces anxiety and shortens the adaptation period.
Reduces stress for the employee and his family.


• notice of termination of rental contract
• assistance in fulfilling your obligations outlined in the rental contract (things like redecoration, cleaning, etc.,)
• negotiation with landlord (for the return of your deposit)
• de-registration with the local authorities
• re-direction of mail
• cancellation of insurances, subscriptions and memberships
• de-registration of car
• notification to the electricity company, gas and water board
• cancellation of your telephone
• export of your belongings
• tidying up your tax affairs
• reimbursement of pension benefits where applicable
• general assistance and advice
• ....and lot's more besides!

Your benefit:

Support from our specialists knowing obligations and rights of tenants.
Reduces admin for the employee and increases focus on new tasks and work environment.
All required cancellations and de-registrations are taken care of.

Move Management

• Process monitoring by Swift
• Survey of the goods by up to two moving companies
• Checking of offers of moving companies
• Selection of moving company after consultation with you
• Transportation insurance via removal company
• Monitoring of moving schedule by Swift
• Packing of the goods
• Transportation and delivery of goods at new destination
• Packing materials are delivered and taken away again on day of delivery
• Checking of invoice of removal company by Swift
• Forwarding of claims for damages to removal company
• Organisation of storage and support with relevant insurance

Your benefit:

Reduction of work load for Human Resources through outsourcing.
Monitoring of move by professionals.

Tenancy management of corporate housing

Managing corporate apartments can be time consuming and complex. So how can your company look after its employees without getting bogged down in day-to-day property administration and supervision? It's simply down to us to solve that problem for your business. We can take care of the following:

• furnishing of accommodation
• supervision of rental contracts
• support to deal with accommodation/landlord problems e.g. repairs
• hand overs upon change of tenants
• organise painting, cleaning etc
• furniture sales
• internet, telephone and electricity connection, TV license, etc.

Your benefit:

Reduction of admin load for the company/department and the employee
Ensures the employee's satisfaction
Increases number of deposits returned
Payments are managed/monitored and costs reduced

Partner Career

Corporations that relocate employees are often confronted with the issue on how to support the partner of the employee who also likes to resume working after the relocation. The increasing number of well qualified partners that pursue a career requires an individual and tailored support as a job starter in the new environment.

Whether the partner receives support or not can be a determining factor for the employee to accept or reject a relocation. Together with Partner Career (trademark of Spouse Career Center GmbH) we offer tailored solutions. Hereby Partner Career can assist as follows.

An intensive personal support during the whole application procedure and beyond its completion

• Comprehensive counseling during the planning and application procedure
• Development of an individual application strategy
• Adaptation of the CV to the German requirements/market
• Research for published and non-published vacancies
• Active approach of potential employers (Pro-Active Search!)
• Coordinating interviews
• Preparation for personal interviews
• Postprocessing of interviews


Intercultural Training

There will inevitably be some things that you would do without thinking at home, that will suddenly seem difficult and confusing in Germany. What you need then, is someone to give you the low-down on the practicalities of day-to-day life.
As usual, it's simply down to us to give you all the information you need in a structured way. We offer both less formal one-to-one briefings, and more structured seminars for corporate employees and  other larger groups.

The subjects we cover include the following:

• a general guide to living in Germany
• banking - transportation (driving, train system, etc.)
• pet regulations
• German health system
• Cross-Cultural® Training
• and much more!

Your benefit:

Classes given by professionals
Flexible and tailored to the employee's needs
Increases self confidence and accelerates the adaptation process